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Each year approximately 16 series competitions are offered. Each competition is a stand-alone event, and you can enter as many or as few competitions as your interest and your budget allows. Medals are awarded for all flights at all competitions. Additionally, skaters who compete in Series competitions (as listed above) accumulate points each season towards a season-long Series medal. There is no additional fee or “registration” required to become eligible for the Series medals, all skaters participating in any Series competition are eligible, based on performance.

Skaters interested in receiving Season awards should plan to enter as many competitions as possible, though there is no upper or lower limit on the number entered. For each Elements or CM event entered, and for each Freeskate event entered, the skater receives points towards their season total (note that “Beyond the Basics” events such as spins, dance, pairs, theater, showcase, synchro, adult events or CM/FS at PrePreliminary or Preliminary levels are not eligible for series points).

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Tri-States Competitions

The Tri-States Council of Figure Skating Clubs is comprised of various figure skating clubs located in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and, as of 1999, Western Pennsylvania.

The Tri-States Council is one of twenty-four InterClub Councils now recognized by the USFSA and was one of the pioneers in establishing this type of organization. Interchange of ideas and vital figure skating information between the various clubs in this defined area is the prime purpose of our organization, and the Council meets annually to accomplish this purpose.

Introduced in 2011, the Tri-States Council Championship series offers opportunities for skaters to compete in a series of competitions with consistent events and rules, and the opportunity to earn points towards season awards. This series includes events from the USFS Test Track program descriptions.

Each year, at a special ceremony held during the Tri-States FS Competition, awards will be presented to the skaters earning the most season points for that season.

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National Competitions will provide a list of competitions which are held in the United States.

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